Erie Bronze & Aluminum provides short lead times and reliable deliveries, allowing our customers more time to focus on other issues involved with running their business. Every new project is run through solidification modeling for predictable results in the first article process. Every ladle is checked for the correct chemistry before pouring takes place. Every order is handled with personalized service from our inside sales team.

Erie Bronze & Aluminum pours a range of non-leaded bronzes in green sand molds produced on automatic and manual molding lines. Lean manufacturing minimizes costs and provides competitive pricing.

If you’re tired of multiple follow up calls to your casting source, contact me to find out if we can help make your casting sourcing a smoother, less time consuming process.


Harmony Castings provides the unique advantages of the V-Process in the production of aluminum castings.  Our 117,000 square foot facility houses state-of-the-art computer controlled equipment run by our manufacturing experts. Compared with a typical sand foundry, we produce finer finishes and cast to tighter and more consistent tolerances. The result? An upgrade in quality at a comparable or even lower total cost.  We are ITAR registered and maintain ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 quality accreditations. Sample castings, produced from production tooling, can typically be provided for evaluation in 3 weeks.  This allows our customers to quickly confirm form, fit, and function of the actual part prior to proceeding with production.  We can handle the low to medium volume production until our customers are comfortable that the market demand is sufficient to justify hardened steel tooling. We provide a multitude of services not always available from other casting suppliers including:

  • Aluminum V-PROCESS manufacturing
  • CNC machining, finishing and subassembly
  • CAD/CAM systems to receive, integrate and generate numerically controlled programs for rapid, accurate patterns and component machining.

In-house Services:

  • X-ray
  • Spectrograph chemical analysis
  • Mechanical testing (yield, tensile and elongation)
  • T5 heat treatment
  • T6 heat treatment
  • CMM layout
  • Welding
  • Additional blasting finishes available

Additional Services:

  • Machining
  • Pressure testing
  • Minor assembly
  • Dye penetrant testing
  • Wet and powder painting
  • Anodizing
  • Impregnation

Others available upon request. Harmony Castings, LLC provides quality castings for use in a variety of different industries. From very close tolerances to very tight turnaround times, Harmony excels at diversely fulfilling quality castings.

More information and examples of V Process castings are available at

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